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Artists and Engineers

The Body Experience is a collaboration between Lizzy, a certified yoga and breathwork teacher, and her boyfriend, the light master and people artist, Mitchel. Their sole aim to unconditionally empower you is the perfect intersection of their expertise.

The Body Experience is not “yoga”, but does borrow from the wisdom of the yogic system, and the competence of a nerdy-passionate yoga teacher. Well-versed in breathwork, meditation, and movement, Lizzy has practiced yoga for 22 years and taught for five. She’s taught corporate retreats, studios, non-profits, and music festivals but her favorite place to teach is in your bedroom.

On the mat, Lizzy helps students retrain their primal movement patterns through an intense blend of ballerina-warm-ups, intrinsic-core work, heart coherence, and juicy yoga poses. For boudoir, she extracts your most authentic and relaxed self by tailoring your Body Experience to your vibe and desires.

Let's be frank, why do we take pictures of naked women? Because the positive fractal impact of art therapy and women’s empowerment cannot be overstated. Seeing your own ass in high definition leaves a mark. Pride, courage, healing, accomplishment, ownership. Give yourself a hand, it's your ass, and it's good.

It's your body. They're looking anyways, and somewhere along the way you were made to feel ashamed for that. Our commissioned art combines the experience and careful attention to detail on set with the body competence of a certified yoga instructor to explore and document the depths of your sensual expression. Claim your sexuality and own your dark side. All of you deserves to shine.

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